Spinzilla and the Schacht team

I have not blogged since the time of the Colorado floods.  It has been a year of putting our lives back together.  Maybe I will tell that story someday, but I want to get back to fiber.
Spinzilla, a world wide competition to see what team can spin the most yarn in one week took place October 6-12 (during spinning and weaving week).  The results of that competition are not out yet but team Schacht is not even close to winning.  There are teams like the Bolivian team who spin for a living (and can’t understand why we would want to spin for “fun” like this for whole week). We are all pulling for this team to win.

The tallies are in for our team and I got the most amount of yarn spun on our team.  This is what I spun in one week. Not bad considering I work a full time job!

I used all four of my spinning wheels (with Sanskrit names): Sidekick (Tantu– meaning thread), Ladybug (Aja– meaning momentum), Matchless (Atula– meaning matchless) and Schacht-Reeves (Suria– meaning Sun).
sidekick front viewladybug with new drive wheelmatchless spinning wheelschacht-reeves spinning wheel
The Schacht-Reeves Suria is the wheel my parents got for me after they saw the look on my face when they presented me with an I PAD for Christmas one year. I am much happier with the spinning wheel as this one goes FAST and really helped me win this competition. You know you are a fiber addict when you prefer a gift of a spinning wheel to an I PAD.

I won an Ultra Swift with counter for being the experienced spinner that spun the most yardage on our team.  It is one of Schacht’s deluxe tools that is like none other on the market! It is one of the few Schacht tools that I didn’t already have at home.
upright swift
Click here to see what the team spun.  We are very happy as we more than doubled our yardage from last year- 61,671 yards this year!!! For the Schacht team, it is a team building event more than a competition.  A chance for the factory workers to learn a new skill, for those in the office to teach a new skill, and time spent together practicing and enjoying the art of spinning.  Even Barry Schacht spins with us.  We went to Barry and Jane’s house on Friday evening for chilli and spinning. This week really brings us together!

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2 Responses to Spinzilla and the Schacht team

  1. Mary says:

    Wow! I am super impressed! My team had 23, then 2 couldn’t spin because of illness. We still ended up with over 50,000 yards. This was my first year to participate. Next year I’ll have to do better. My team had some real power spinners on it, but nothing like you girlfriend! Congrats!

  2. rovingrenee says:

    you should check out the Fancy Tiger team. Laura spun 16,700 yards!!! and last year’s overall winner posted on her blog that she did 30,000! can you believe that!? she does have an electric spinner, but still!!!!!

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