more TNNA

i didn’t get to take many pictures because we were SO busy, but i got a few of projects that either i worked on, or other staff members produced.

i spun some sample yarn for Louet, they always have great fibers.

louet yarn

on the right i did a sport weight 2 ply with their merino that has been attenuated so it spins and feels like silk.


the second from the right is a blue faced leicester top i spun in a 3 ply.  it is naturally colored.


the third one over from the right is merino silk thick and thin plied with a sport weight of the same roving.

thick and thin

the one furthest to the left is a coil spun yarn with northern lights in the rainbow colorway.

rainbow coil

i LOVE Louet fiber.  they have such a wide variety of fibers to fit any project.

benji, our shipper at Schacht wove suspenders on the inkle loom for Rhichard Devrieze he was SO proud and it was TOO cute!


it might be hard to see the rich detail on this shrug.  it is hand spun premium alpaca from Natural Fiber Producers roving.  the body of it is spun in a sport weight (maybe a little thinner) and is just plain weave.  the collar is a thick and thin with the same roving, but it was crocheted by benji.  it looks better on a human, but there are professional photos being taken, so i will post them when they are done!


another awesome thing about this TNNA was the Zoom Loom project that i managed.  we had about 55 yarn companies send schacht yarn (it was like christmas every day for a few weeks as the yarn came in the mail), and we made displays for them.  when we were setting up for the show, we delivered them to people’s booth.  so we had 55 Zoom Looms all over the show featuring each companies yarn.  here is the display for Universal Yarn.  it turned out great and looked fantastic beside the knitted sample of the same yarn.


all in all, TNNA was a success.  i am looking forward to starting soon on projects for the next TNNA.

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  1. Genevieve Schutt says:

    Always good to read and a treat for the eyes!



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