bubble gum bag

i am not usually into super bright colors, but i fell in love with these yarns when i first laid eyes on them.  pixie dust in azalea bloom and maharani silk in firework from Knit Collage. 

these are amazing handspun yarns.  the weft (horizontal thread) is core spun thick and thin.  for those of you that don’t understand that it basically equals A LOT of work!

i knew i wanted to weave a bag that would show off the texture of the yarn.

bumpy bag

i wove it on my flip loom and the strap was woven on an inkle loom.

i love the feel of it and the look of it reminds me of bubble gum!

bubble gum bag

there is even a little surprise liner inside


i look forward to using more of their yarn in the future.  people wonder what you can do with textured yarn, and my answer is…. weave it!

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1 Response to bubble gum bag

  1. Genevieve Schutt says:

    Great bag. I love it!


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