Anzula love

one of the projects that took the longest was a random inspiration i had.  i LOVE Anzula, they have great yarn, but i usually can’t get past the fiber.  for me, yarn seems to take half the fun out of a project because that means i can’t spin it myself.  Anzula has everything from hand dyed organic wool, to silk, to baby llama.  natural and colored, i love it all!  so when i went to their booth to check out the fiber at the end of last TNNA, i ended up going home with quite a few braids.

i knew i wanted to do something special for them.  i noticed that they didn’t really have a sign and somehow that stuck in my mind.  so when it came down to doing something with these fibers, i had the inspiration to make a sign that included spinning, weaving, felting, beading, quilting, knitting and crochet.  i am pretty sure now that i was crazy back then, but i didn’t know it.  this project took over 100 hours, but i loved every minute of it (ok, most minutes of it :))

finished sign

their logo, or at least my rendition of it. i hung the sign from a Schacht navajo spindle.


benji, my co-worker did the crochet

close up

i really enjoyed the felting and the beading, something i don’t do as often.

back sideon the back i printed on fabric all of the techniques i used with each specific fiber listed as well.

printed bio

i used batik fabric for the back and quilted it together with batting in between the front and back. batik

Sabrina (the owner) did not know i was doing this, and that is always a little nerve racking.  what if i spent all this time on a piece for her and she didn’t like it!?  so i was anxious to see her reaction…… she cried she was so happy, and i saw a few tears from her staff too.  i was relieved and we were both like school girls on christmas day, even though we were knee deep in booth set up!

school girls


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4 Responses to Anzula love

  1. em eye smith says:

    That is just way cool !

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  3. Sabrina says:

    Thank you so much! I still can’t believe you labored so for us. Tears are coming to my eyes once again remembering. We just unpacked it yesterday and set it up in the warehouse. You will see a blog from us soon too. ❤

  4. John says:

    awesome, as always.

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