what a packed few months it has been preparing for TNNA (The National Needleworks Association trade show).  i will be posting projects that i did for TNNA in posts to come, but here are some pictures of the booth.  the Schacht booth is a lot to set up.  most people at the trade show are yarn companies.  some even fit their booth in 2 suitcases!  our palette is about the size of a queen sized bed and almost as tall as me!  luckily, we had 5 people to set it up, which still took over 5 hours.

setting up

it was SO busy we all barely had time to use the bathroom and sneak a bite to eat.  what a a successful show for us.  yay!


4 days after set up, we tore the whole thing down again with only a couple people to pack it up.  this time, we were not the last ones out, but still close.  the return palette is always smaller as we sell most of the products in the booth to one of our dealers close by.


exhausted, we made our way to one of our favorite local restaurants, the northstar cafe to rest, decompress, and eat.

i believe i spent around 200 hours preparing projects for the show aside from my duties at Schacht.  i will share those in the following posts.  thanks for your patience as i focused on getting them done!

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1 Response to TNNA

  1. dgwolf says:

    I am a stagehand here in Indy.
    I work tradeshows all the time, hanging signs and getting hired on to help with the more elaborate booth set ups. So I am quite familiar with the innumerable, often indescribable, obstacles and “therbligs” you must have navigated your way through.
    Good job!
    And I hope it was a successful time for you!

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