reflections on kansas

it has been almost a month since i was in kansas visiting my folks.  hard to believe how fast time goes by.  i decided after that trip that i would start to work on documenting my adventures a little better.  although it is good to be in the moment, it doesn’t make for a good blog-journal.  but my father is better at capturing the moment.  so thanks to him, i have some pictures to show for it.

my mother and i had tea with a few of the women from church.


i met friends adoptive daughter for the first time.  i actually took this picture.  i couldn’t resist because she was SO cute!  Mari, Mollie, and Maya (who had woken up in the middle of the night, and promptly went back to sleep).

too cute!

the things that didn’t get pictured (and i fit this all in one weekend): shoe shopping with mom, lunch with my former art professor, dessert with my former boss at the natural food store Prairie Harvest where i used to work, a walk with a dear friend, a concert of chamber choral, and my favorite…. a walk in what i considered my second home while i was in kansas.  behind the college that i attended, there was a set of mulched trails that meandered along a creek.  this place is sacred to me and one of the things i miss most about kansas.  i spent more time there in the spring, summer, and fall than anywhere else.  my folks, lucy (their dog) and i went on a lovely spring walk.

mom, lucy, and i on bethel trails

i have done homework on this bench, and had much history is infused here. and now i have made new fond memories.

dad, lucy, and i on bethel trails

it was probably one of the best visits i have had to kansas so far.  it is beautiful in the spring.

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