first set of handwoven dishtowels

yes, i am a weaver, and this is the first time i have attempted hand towels.  it is a common thing for most weavers to have under their belt, but i just now got around to it.  i started with these colors of cotton.  i got them from cotton clouds (i adore irene- the owner… aka sophia garcia :)).


warped them on the loom, and then a few months later, i started weaving.  that is how these things go sometimes.  thus i usually have a few projects at a time in progress.  well, it is probably more than “a few.”

warped and ready


weaving is interesting in that you never know what it will really look like until you take it off the loom AND wash it (very important).  so here, the threads look really far apart, but that is just because they are under tension.

towel close up

also, when it goes in the wash, it will shrink a bit.  all considerations that have to be accounted for in measuring the yarn prior to the actual weaving  process.

folded towels

the day before i finished these towels, i was wearing short sleeves outside and expected to be able to get out and frolic in nature during the weekend.  instead, the snow provided a good opportunity to finish the towels.

towels on a snowy day

i am pleased with how they turned out.  even though i have an 8 shaft Schacht Baby Wolf, which can do all kinds of fancy patterns, i just love simple plain weave.  there are weavers who like complicated patterns and those who like color and texture.  i am sure some people straddle the two with one foot more or less in the other, or even equal, but not me.  i am all about color, texture, and pure subtlety.  there is something about plain weave (over one under one weave structure) that is just so simple elegant and satisfying.


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1 Response to first set of handwoven dishtowels

  1. Genevieve Schutt says:

    Wonderful! We love the top picture as a work of art – as are the towels. Fortunate dishes!



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