feelin’ the love

i know valentine’s day was last month, but i have never been one to follow convention.  on this first day of spring, i am feelin’ the love.  so i thought i would share some pictures of love.  as i was rinsing fiber one day, i looked down to see this and had to snap this photo:

fiber soak water


then i dumped the water out and found this in the sink:

for the love of suds


one of our clothes pins showed it’s true inner light:

lovely clothes pin


my diet is usually impeccable, but lately, i have been indulging in potato chips.  there is love, even there:

potato love


and who couldn’t love this face!

maybellethis is maybelle, the sheep that gave me my first fleece.


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1 Response to feelin’ the love

  1. Genevieve Schutt says:

    I love hearts everywhere!

    Love to you,


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