fire and ice

this is one of my favorite spinning techniques right now- thick and thin plied with a thin in the warp and a thin yarn in the weft.

fire and ice close up

i think i did the same technique on my “thanksgiving scarf” and wanted to explore it even further.  this is hand dyed merino top from a local shop here in boulder and “scrumptious” merino silk from lantern moon in the weft.

fire and icei sent this scarf and a few other ones pictured on my blog to my brother and his family.  the turquoise one is for my niece misol.  in this picture, she is quite a bit younger, but this is the most recent picture i have access to at this time.

JAM famthe JAM fam (as they are lovingly called) lives on an island off the coast of south korea on an organic farm.  i hope they enjoy their package of neck warmers! 🙂



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1 Response to fire and ice

  1. edujamjar says:

    SO beautiful, sista! We can’t wait to feel them!:)

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