part of the puzzle

i have been busy.  sometimes so busy spinning that i fail to blog.  over the past few months, among other projects in the works, i have spun these skeins.  for those of you who don’t know how long this process takes, this little photo is about 25-30 hours of fun.100_1553

the skein of the left is one i blended personally.  that means i took 5 different colors and combed them together and then spun it.  it came out just as i wanted, like a river bed.  the next two are merino silk blends, and the pale green on the far right is a soft wool from Jane Patrick’s stash.handspun upclosewhat am i going to do with them?  i don’t really know.  i was in a spinning spurt and couldn’t stop!  sometimes i think that i will blog when i have a project done, but that isn’t really an accurate portrayal of what i do.  of course things go in stages.  sometimes i have a project in mind when i spin, but most of the time i seem to collect.  i collect objects, roving, yarn, beads, etc. and when the spirit moves me, i create!  so i thought i would show some of the process in progress.  these are all pieces of a puzzle, waiting to come together.  i trust what the fiber tells me to do and all the pieces turn into a wonderful whole.

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2 Responses to part of the puzzle

  1. edujamjar says:

    they look so good together–maybe a houndstooth with the river bed and golden feathery one would be handsome, could I make a commission?

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