California…. again!

i know i have not blogged in a LONG time, but i have been busy!  i was getting ready for TNNA (the national needle works association trade show) in California.  we launched the new Schacht Zoom Loom there!  i have been busy doing pattern support, an instructional video, and other creations for the zoom loom.  it was supposed to be a surprise, so i couldn’t blog about it, but now that our launch party is over, and we have announced it to the world, i can share it.

you can see the projects that i designed (along with Jane Patrick’s color choices) in the zoom loom video.

there is a time during the trade show where people can purchase new products.  here is our zoom loom display.

zoom loom display

we made the flowers, put the buttons on, attached pins to the back side, and then put them on florist wire to display them as a bouquet.  at our launch party, people could chose one to take home with them.  they were a hit!

i spent most of the show demonstrating how to warp and weave on either the zoom loom or the still popular cricket loom.  it was great fun, but afterwords, i was glad i took some time off to hang out in California.  i spent time at my uncle’s in Hermosa beach and spent a lot of time near the ocean by myself.  i was visited by this seagull who was interested in my lunch.

curious seagull

my uncle and i also went to see my grandma.  it was great to visit her!

me and my grandma

me and my grandma

we got to go to the local thrift shop where they have a Schacht floor loom.  there were 3 men over 90 working on making rag rugs.  once i figure out how to get pictures from my phone to the computer, you can see them hard at work!  they even gave me a few pointers, so now i am inspired to make my own rag rugs!

the last day i was there, my friend lizze gave me an awesome massage, and we got to catch up.  it was so good to see her!  the perfect end to a great vacation.


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1 Response to California…. again!

  1. Genevieve Schutt says:

    Awesome! You are real pro! I love it. You are coherent and precise, warm and delightful.

    I’m glad you had a good show and special visit with your uncle and Grandma (sweet picture!). I’m also glad you are home and getting back to your favorite routine, diet, and guy.



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