bliss scarf

we recently drove from Colorado to California for vacation.  even though it was a lot of hard work (weather, traffic, moving from hotel to hotel etc.), there were blissful moments and beautiful scenery.  swimming in the ocean was heaven!

on the way out there, we stopped at Tangle, a Schacht dealer, to check out her store.  it was SO cute!  she had great fabric and super yarn, but i fell in love with the hand carded colored roving (the little bit that is left over is in the gorgeous bowl -more about that later).

i strayed from my usual earthy tones and went for the colorful gem tones.  i felt like it would incorporate all of the colors that i would see on this trip, and it did.  of course i took a spinning wheel, what vacation wouldn’t be complete without one?  i spun on my friend Liz’s porch surrounded by lovely plants, wind chimes and other sparkly eye candy.  i spun in family’s house surrounded by textiles from around the world, and i plied in a hotel room watching “eat, pray, love.”  pure bliss!

i was also able to make it to the hot springs in Glenwood Springs, CO.  right beside the soothing springs, there was a little artist co-op in an historic building that i couldn’t pass up.  that is where i got the bowl, made by a local mountain artist.

one of the first things i did when i got home was wash my yarn.  i mean who cares about unpacking when there is wool to wash!  but i wasn’t able to do anything with it until this last weekend.  during the week at work, i heard a tip from Anita Luvera Mayer about weaving with sewing thread as weft.  i thought that would be the perfect thing to showcase this amazingly colorful hand spun yarn.  so i tried it!

i love the texture and the color.  i think i am going to keep this one to remind me of the multicolored bliss of our California trip.

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1 Response to bliss scarf

  1. Verónica says:

    Definitely keep that scarf. The colors and sheen are delightful.

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