grumpy hounds tooth scarf

i have a good support group for my fiber addiction.  i work at Schacht Spindle Co. and there are a lot of fiber addicts there.  it fuels my habit and being in that world inspires me to create on a daily basis.

my first choice of fiber is natural fibers, especially wool.  a fiber artist, Rachel from London came for a tour at Schacht the other day, and she left us a present of Romney wool that previously had been thrown away by sheep owners.  she now rescues it and sends it to grumpy Rodger who spun it into lovely yarn.  she gave us a skein of off white and a dark chocolate color.  instead of fighting over it, the staff decided to split both skeins into three balls and create something from it.  so i used both of these in the warp, alternating colors every 2 threads.

for the weft, i also alternated yarns every 2 threads.  one was a mocha colored alpaca/silk roving blend that my co-worker gave me that was a joy to spin.  the second was a yak/merino roving from Anzula.

if you know weave structures, this would be a traditional hounds tooth, but this did not turn out to be a traditional looking hounds tooth because i did not use the same weft yarn as i did for the warp, thus creating something totally different.

i was just using up small amounts of yarn that i had and it was a spur of the moment quick fix.  at first, i was not sure about it, but i decided to give it an inch, then threw caution to the wind and just went for it.

i like how it turned out!

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